The Terrible Truth About Frito-Lay. Alexander Little. Ap

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The Terrible Truth about Frito-Lay
Alexander Little
Ap Human Geography, 6th Period
Mr. Rehwinkel
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GMOs are present in many everyday food products, such examples of products are dairy products, meats, nuts, vegetables, fruits, etc. Some companies tell you if the product is organic or if it has been genetically modified. Frito-Lay is not one of those companies. Frito-Lay has used GMOs when it blatantly states that its products are all natural. How can a company state that its products are all natural if they use corn, 85% of which is genetically modified, for such chips as Tostitos and Sunchips. They hide this information knowing well enough that there would be backlash from consumers. This angered quite a few
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They still use corn that is genetically modified, but no longer use GM Bt corn. They initially pledged to never use GMOs again in their product as of 2001, but later went back on that pledge and went back to GMOs. It seems that Frito-Lay just refuses to make up their minds on the matter at hand, causing more backlash from consumers. Is this good behavior for a company pertaining to agribusiness in corn? The answer is no.

Frito-Lay has had plenty of lawsuits pertaining to GMOs, one case caused them to pay for nearly $1M to settle a class-action lawsuit. Agribusiness is very complicated when it comes to farming, and when a company uses GMOs, they will let their consumers know. If the company uses GMOs but doesn’t inform their consumer, the consumer fights back. There have been several lawsuits including their most recent lawsuit which was settled on 8/23/2016. Lawsuits like this have started since 2011, when it was discovered that they used GMOs in their corn chips, such as Tostitos and SunChips. By hiding their use of GMOs, people get rowdy over things such as this due to being lied to. The reasoning for the quietness over the issue is due to PepsiCo’s, the parent company of Frito-Lay, reluctant involvement with a lawsuit regarding the challenge of the legality of the Vermont Law. Being busy with this caused the lawsuits towards Frito-Lay to take action, causing the company to pay upwards of nearly
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