The Territorial Status Of Puerto Rico

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While some groups tend to separate themselves, differences are what make humans inherently similar. According to Mahatma Gandhi, “Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization”. Even though some may feel different than others, this does not mean that everyone cannot join together with time. If people of different backgrounds and perspectives unite, they can overcome any divisive barriers constructed by the past. Sometimes, barriers can exist in places where one would least expect them, even in seemingly united nations. One example of a hidden divide present in the Western world is the territorial status of Puerto Rico. Despite American ownership of the island, Puerto Rican citizens are not granted the same rights and privileges as citizens of the 50 states. Despite Puerto Rico’s long American history and attempts to gain statehood status, Puerto Ricans are still treated differently by the federal government. This ought to be changed. Puerto Rico should be granted statehood status as a result of the fact that it would improve the territory’s stability, strengthen American moral and social dynamics, and benefit the entire American populous. The statehood debate can be somewhat contentious, but there are some facts that both sides can agree to be true. The first is that the social and cultural dynamics of Puerto Rico and the 50 states are somewhat different. Many fear that Puerto Rico is too culturally distinct to be

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