The Terrorist Attack Bombers Attacks On The 21st Century

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Europe Acts of terror in Europe have also increased in the 21st century. In November 2003, Islamic militants claimed responsibility for the double attacks on Turkish nationals in Istanbul. In the first attack on November 15, members of an al-Qaeda cell in Turkey slammed two truck bombs into Turkish synagogues. The explosion killed 27 people and injured 300. Five days later, suicide bombers executed on attack the headquarters of HSBC Bank Turkey and the British Consulate. The attack left 30 people dead and over 400 wounded. The following March, a terrorist attack hit Madrid. A local cell of al-Qaeda operatives placed ten bombs on Madrid trains at the height of the morning rush hour. The bombs exploded on four trains at three stations and…show more content…
Riyad-us Saliheen, the perpetrators, occupied a school, taking hostage over 1,110 people. 777 of the hostages were children. The attacks lasted three days, ending in the deaths of 330 people. Among the dead were 186 children. In March 2010, Caucasus militants attacked the Moscow Metro, killing 40 people. In January 2011, the Caucasus Emirate claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport. The bombing killed 37 people and injured 173. In October and December 2013, members of the Caucasus Emirate launched a series of attacks on Volgograd buses and railways. Combined, the bombings killed 40 people and injured 121. In July 2011, Anders Behring Breivik, a far-right terrorist, killed eight people outside of a government building in Oslo and then shot and killed participants of a Norwegian Labor Party youth camp. In total, the attack left 77 dead and 241 injured. Breivik cited his opposition to feminism, Marxism, Islam, and multiculturalism as his motive for the attack. The most recent terrorist attack on European soils occurred in January 2015. In the Île-de-France region, specifically in Paris, French operatives of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula attacked the headquarters of the newspaper, Charlie Hebdo. The attack was not the first threat on the publication, which is known for lampooning the Islamic prophet Muhammad and other Islamic leaders. The attack left eight Charlie Hebdo employees, two police officers, and two
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