The Terrorist Attack On The Twin Towers

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This is very similar at how other American citizens were willing to help after the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. Christopher Peterson and Nansook Park, writers of A Positive Psychology Perspective On Post-9/11 Security, says, “Our ongoing study of character strengths has found that post-9/11, people reported that they were more likely to display the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity”(Peterson). Which is a clear reminder of how people acted during and after 9/11. As a small example of how Americans went on that day to help each other James Johnson, the editor of Community Preparedness and Response to Terrorism, writes, “At that moment of great national peril… hundreds of firefighters and police officers courageously sacrificed their lives rescuing survivors at the World Trade Center; …and millions of Americans line up to donate blood, supplies, and money to assist in the rescue efforts”(Johnson 163). This aspect of that day reminds us how many heroes were made just in that effort to help out. Every ounce of blood donated and every last run firefighters and police officers alike, made to go into those tumbling towers to save at least one more person will not be forgotten. It was a heroic act to overcome fear and to do the littlest of this to help the victims. This is greatly reflected in Let the Great World Spin just by how Gloria takes in Jazzlyn’s children. As she sees them being dragged into the social workers car and is asked if she knows the kids, she
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