The Terrorist Attacks Of September 11

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The terrorist attacks of September 11, altered American 's perceptions of the role in the world by strongly supporting the increased spending on national security and counterterrorism. Also, Americans have become more aware of how and where to engage in the world. As a result of the attacks, the US now has a defense that totals to nearly half the global total and has military dominance over scene, air, and space. The US also has the capability to dispatch massive military power anywhere in the world making them the system shaper. You may ask yourself just have a bad or do you check on September 11, 2001 was that led to this chaos and security becoming abnormally tight you may ask yourself just have a bad do you check on September 11, 2001…show more content…
Some lawyers even changed their clients from helping them get richer, like Kwanzaa Butler, to use their business expertise and the non-profit world. Thousands of people came together to volunteer and show support to surrounding business owners which lost all their belongings and inventory. Sometimes a simple as retrieving death certificate was increasingly challenging because without a body, the process could take years. Lawyers, judges, and public defenders teamed together to make the situation run smoother with less struggles. Canceling was also something provided because many people had issues still dealing with the loss of a family member or traumatized by the experience. September 11 had a huge impact on how us as humans saw the world at that moment and changed our own priorities to give a helping hand to those who were in a more complex situation. Although there was an abundance of support the US had to make changes on who to associate with and didn 't take this attack as something that can be shut off. Airport securities became more aware on who enters and leaves the country. Another words, at the end of the day I would security is put first then any other thing because if someone is willing to give their life to attack the nation we shouldn 't take incidents like these rightly and retaliate with full force. In my opinion even though us as Americans came together to not see each other time fall, we can be blinded by
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