The Terrorist Attacks Of The United States

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The 2001 terrorist attack in the United States had negative social and economic effects in the country and generally stirred the peace of the citizens. Terrorism is a major threat to any sovereign country in the world including the United States where. There are other threats that influence the comfort and the interests of the residents of the United States in varying measures (Decker, 2001). The Department of Homeland Security is tasked with the protection of the people from any activity that influences their interests and prosperity in the country and elsewhere in the world. Since the 2001 attack that caused a major drawback in the political and social welfare of the people of America, measures have been taken to provide better…show more content…
The ability to predict the moves of the enemy gives the department the more strength to protect the interests of the people (Department of Homeland Security, 2010). Identifying the level of threats allows the country to accurately determine how much ahead or behind the country is compared to the adversaries. The Department of Homeland Security identifies that risk management could improve its activities of providing the people of America with a secure environment (Masse et al., 2007). Vulnerability influences the actions of the department in providing peace to the citizens of the country. The homeland security enterprises include all departments, units and groups of people that are interested in a peaceful and secure environment. While these units aim at achieving a common goal, their activities have not been consolidated at all making the achievement of their objectives much harder (Decker, 2001). The Department of Homeland Security plays a major part in nationwide activities such as monitoring the national boundaries and controlling the immigration of persons in the state. Regional and local roles are played family, community and regional enterprises where the department’s activities are limited to amendment of laws and supervision. The current state of national security and
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