The Terrorist Attacks Of The United States

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Post to “9/11”-the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11, 2001- many Americans, officials such as the local Police Departments, Fire Fighters, the government and the President of the United States all shared one main priority and thought. That thought, concern and priority was to combat terrorism in the United States and avoid something this immense from happening ever again. Many others prior to 9/11 never thought the day would come in which they would witness such terrorist attacks to this country in which they felt they had security, liberty and justice. On September 11, 2001 the United States of America encountered a catastrophe, what would be known as a tragic terrorist attack leaving many Americans disturbed, raving,…show more content…
One of the most controversial topics that arose from the after math of the 9/11 attacks was that many were in disbelief of how unprepared our intelligence was prior to it. In fact many people believe that if our intelligence system had a being more prepared then the 9/11 attacks perhaps could have being prevented or being handled in a more précised manner. The USA Patriot Act was implemented due to these poor intelligence sectors. The Patriot Act was signed by at the time President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001, surely after the 9/11 attacks. Due to the severity of the circumstances in which the country was facing, this act found its formal approval in a quick matter of time. The Patriot Act expands and alters historic restrictions with Information sharing, Roving wiretaps, Foreign intelligence and wiretaps, Sneak and peek warrants, and Material support. (Nemeth, 2013) The Department of Homeland Security is one of the agencies to benefit extremely from the USA Patriot Act. The Patriot Act breaks down barriers to share information that is needed and useful to help connect the dots and disrupt potential terror and criminal activity before they can carry out their plots. (Nemeth, 2013) This helps for our U.S. Customs and Border Protection be able to track down and apprehend international visitors who might
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