The Terrorist Attacks On 9 / 11

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The terrorist attacks on 9/11 made a great impact on our nation both economically and psychologically. This paper reviews the findings of some of the research that has been done since this tragic event. A big topic is the initial response our government had after the attack. This includes local, state and federal government. Many new emergency response protocols have been put in place based on the rescue efforts that took place that day. It took the lives of many for our country to understand how real the threat of terrorism is in America. Terrorism is so prevalent in other countries. The United States should have learned from their experiences instead of waiting until after it happened. Furthermore, in this age of terrorism,
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They also had natural resources that they wanted such as natural gas and copper. Jabeen, Mazhar, and Goraya (2010) report that the United States provided military support to Pakistan during this time and did not get directly involved. It was ten years later in 1989 that President Reagan stepped in and made the Soviet Union pay a high military and political price for becoming involved with Afghanistan. A civil war erupted after the Geneva Accords were signed and this brought the Taliban to power.
On the morning of September 11, 2001 (9/11), the nation watched in horror as terrorists attacked. Four airplanes were hijacked by members of a terrorist organization called al Qaida. The Twin Towers were targeted successfully by two airplanes. A third airplane had a successful hit into the Pentagon. The fourth airplane was unsuccessful in their attempt to target Washington D.C. The terrorists were overtaken by the passengers and the plane ultimately crashed before getting to the intended target. Americans watched on live television as these events unfolded in disbelief. It became a media race to get to the scene and provide coverage of the events. It is because America witnessed almost every detail that it had such a deep, devastating impact. Americans were terrified and frozen in fear of what was next to come.
In October 2001, the United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan (Smith, n.d.) where they successfully took down the Taliban. It wasn’t

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