The Terrors of the Holocaust

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Imagine eating dinner with your family, and a group of German soldiers in striped uniform took you, and you were then separated from your family not knowing their whereabouts. The Holocaust was a very long, and gradual period, which began around January 1933 when Adolf Hitler was appointed as Chancellor of Germany. Life was very tough and painful for them until they were liberated by the Russians in 1945.
The steps the Germans took to gain power was very gradual , initially, they had to isolate them from the German society, and that was done by creating the Nuremburg laws. The Nuremburg Laws, which is a series of laws designed to take away Jewish rights. They weren’t allowed to be German citizens, they couldn’t marry non-Jews, nor could they have sexual relations with non-Jews. (Holocaust Timeline.) In addition, there were the invasions in the fall of 1939 in Poland, Germany. All the invasions lead to the camps. The first victims of the camps were the undesirables such as alcoholics, homeless, or unemployed people. (The Story of the Holocaust 25) Secondly, it was the Austrian Jews being executed and victimized. One event that stands out in history is November 9th 1938, Kristallnacht. A night of extreme violence about 100 Jews were murdered, 20,000 German and Austrian Jews were arrested and sent to camps, hundreds of synagogues were burned, and windows of Jewish shops were smashed. (Holocaust Timeline)
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