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Tesla Motor Company

Company Overview-
Tesla Motors Inc. (Tesla) is a company based out of Silicon Valley that designs, assembles and markets battery electric vehicles (BEVs), in addition they produce lithium-ion battery packs, and electric vehicle powertrain components. Founded in 2003, Tesla was the first new American automobile manufacturer to appear in years. It was the first automaker to manufacture and sell proficient BEVs in production. The company’s tactic is not really that of the “Detroit” approach more of a one of a kind “Silicon Valley” style, self-reflected of a method that is remarkably hi-tech and innovative, tremendously assertive and very efficient. They have grown from one retail store to 18 stores worldwide, a
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Next, came the Model S in 2012, and they discontinued production of the roadster, the Model S sold 22, 477 cars to retailers globally. In February of 2012 they also released a Model X prototype which was a crossover vehicle, set to be put into production by the end of 2014. Tesla Motor Company is partnered with internal divisions and external companies involved in producing the final product. Tesla Energy Group, is designated with developing and marketing the powertrain components, custom designed battery packs, battery chargers and support power management technology. It also generates revenue from the sale of zero-emission vehicle credits of $7,500 per vehicle. Another internal division is, New Product Development; which is partnered with Daimler, Panasonic and Toyota to cultivate electric vehicle associated products. Tesla manufactures and markets its own vehicles, but unlike its competitors it also operates as an original equipment manufacturer, and it produces electric powertrain components that other automakers can purchase and brand. Their main partner in this division is Lotus. Although the financials don’t show it Tesla motors is progressing and building an automotive company that no other current company can copy or top. Tesla’s total revenues were $2.01B for the following year ending Dec. 30th, 2013. While net income was not so positive, showing a loss of $-74.01M, which is actually a positive jump from the

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