The Test Of Emotional Intelligence Test

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Reflection Paper

It is always an eye opener to learn something about yourself that you did not know. I found the results of the quizzes to be very interesting. The first test was a test on how you read people. We would like to think that we can look at someone and decide not only their mood but also if they are a good person or not, but is that always the case? The second test was an emotional intelligence test. It evaluates such things as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Through taking both of these tests, it gives tools to better yourself.

In the first test, How Well Do You Read Other People?, it gives you a series of faces and you are supposed to decide what their mood is. I have always thought I can read people and do not always use caution when pulling over to help someone or stopping to give someone a ride. I thought I could look at someone and say if that person is a good person or not, after taking this test I am not so sure. I only got eleven out of twenty which means only about fifty percent of the time I can decide someone 's mood just by looking at them. Though I thought several of the pictures could be several emotions, it just proves that you can not always determine someone 's mood or intentions just by looking at them. Will this stop me from doing random acts to help someone no, but just shows me to use extra caution as I cannot always trust my judgment.

In the next test it is more inter-perspective…
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