The Test Of Radioactive Inventory Control

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5. Test 5.1. Audience The test (Attachment A) was given to the AGHCF staff a total of six individuals, one assistant facility manager, one chief hot cell technician and four hot cell operators. 5.2. Test questions The 33 question test includes a mix of multiple choice, true and false and fill in the blank questions on key elements from the following procedures: AGHCF-SR-116, AGHCF Radioactive Material Inventory Control (11 questions), Radioactive inventory is a staple procedures within the facility this procedure is performed on a daily bases when the project is active. Currently this procedure is on revision 13 and the original training was performed via a classroom setting with the facility manager as the instructor, a recent revision was completed to address administrative type changes. A read and sign was provided to all AGHCF personnel. AGHCF-SR-100, Round tours of the AGHCF (14 questions), This procedure currently on revision 13, is performed daily upon opening or closing the AGHCF. It outlines the process required to ensure the facility is in a safe and secure state at the beginning of operations and after operations. This vital procedure is one of the first procedures written when the division acquired AGHCF. Training on the first revision was administered via classroom. Oxygen Analyzer Chart recorder (3 questions) and Chart recorder is a routine task addressed within the round tours procedure performed by the operators. Recent issues with log discrepancies

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