The Testament Of The New Testament

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The New Testament is known as the second major part of the Christian biblical cannon. The New Testament, unlike the Old Testament is responsible for spreading Christianity Theology to the world. The book was written by the disciples of Jesus. When one hear of the book, one’s mind think about the apostle Paul, since he is the one responsible for a large portion of the book and is one of the most studied out of the apostles. Paul has written: First Thessalonians, Galatians, Philemon, Romans and many more. However, with the dates of these gospels going back to million years ago; no one can truly attribute all the Pauline epistles to him. Titus, Ephesians, and First and Second Timothy are all in question of the authorship being Paul or one his followers which has been seen as a common theme in history. Paul’s main purpose for writing these letters was to educate the communities about how to obtain a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. There were other letters that he wrote that were foreshadows of the apocalypse and destruction and one letter that he wrote on behalf of a slave (Letter to Philemon). Galatians is one of those letters were he is writing to the citizens of Galatia and trying to help the gentile Christians one again. Paul achieves this by recalling events of his past life, preaching the gospel that was giving him to by Jesus, and by being expressive and telling the citizens of Galatia that they have betrayed the Lord Jesus Christ by following the Jewish Laws.

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