The Testament Of The Old Testament God Essay

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Throughout the Old Testament God continually manifests himself to humanity. When He is speaking to the prophets, leaders, or the nation of Israel, He presents opportunities for obedience in the form of covenants. Faithfulness is also needed to secure an association with God. Obedience is probably the most difficult aspect of mankind’s relationship with God. These covenants are the essential promises and pacts between God and humanity. I will present evidence from each of the Four Canons (Pentateuch, History, Poetry /Wisdom, and Prophets) from the Old Testament that our best is only possible by obeying God.
The Pentateuch or otherwise known as the Torah is a five-part literary composition. These compositions contain the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The main story is about the founding of Israel and their exodus out of Egypt. In Genesis 9: 11-17, there is one of the covenants God made with man, Noah.
First of all, what is a covenant? A covenant is an agreement and union between two individuals. Conditional and unconditional are the two basic types. In a conditional (bilateral) covenant, both parties need to fulfill it. An unconditional (unilateral) covenant only one of the parties must act, and nothing else is required from the other. This covenant was made after God had flooded the earth due to man’s wickedness and evil. God wanted no part of a relationship with mankind. Noah, who had been always humble and faithful, was spared
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