The Tet Offensive

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The Tet Offensive was unquestionably the biggest occurrence of the Vietnam War. While the military success of the Viet Cong in mounting a sustained revolt in cities across South Vietnam was virtually non-existent, the psychological impact it had on the American public was quite simply phenomenal. This effect was partially due to the reporting of the war by the media. To completely understand the impacts of Tet, we must first understand the goals of Tet. The execution of Tet was a failure on the battlefield; however, it proved to be an astounding success on college campuses across America. The main objectives of the Tet Offensive of 1968 were to mount numerous uprisings in cities that were supposedly secure. The cities focused on in…show more content…
A majority of the fighting during the war took place away from urban areas, in small villages and hamlets were the residents were sometimes Viet Cong guerillas. The only real way to pick out the enemy combatants in Vietnam was to look for their weapon. Even so, the usual non-combatants (women and children) were quite frequently combatants or in worse cases weapons. It was not unusual for the children to be booby-trapped and approach a group of soldiers to kill them. The manner in which this war was fought was not good. Not only were the armed forces fighting the war with one armed tied behind their back, but also they often had a hard time knowing who was the enemy. The fight was never brought to the enemy. The only action that took place in North Vietnam was bombing, and even then it was the bombing of targets picked for political reasons, not strategic reasons. It is reasonable to think that if the Marine Corps, Navy, Army, and Air Force were given free reign to fight the war in the manner they saw fit the outcome would be quite the opposite of what actually happened. This is also a source of doubt for the American citizen. Most adults living in the United States knew how the war was being fought, or more appropriately how the war wasn't being fought. This was not a case where body politic of US made the decision early on to win and win big.
Another attribute which led wasn't helping the situation was the
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