The Tet Offensive Of The Vietnam War

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During the night of January 30th 1968 while the southern Vietnamize were celebrating there new year, the north has other plans. President Lyndon B. Johnson was telling the USA that the war is almost over and would be leaving soon. The North on the other hand was preparing there last stand the Tet Offensive. The communist rule in Vietnam would not go out with out a fight they planned air raids on 40 cities. The key city they wanted to focus on was the city of Saigon, this was the capital city of the democratic Vietnam. If they could take this city over this would mostly likely mean the withdrawal of the United States. The Tet offensive was the turning point in the Vietnam war. It is known as one of the largest military campaigns ever. The Tet offensive took place on the Vietnam new year, which is January 30th. It started in 1967 and by the end over 14,000 people were killed in the attacks. The North wanted to launch a massive military attack on the American troops stationed in the town. On January 30th 1968 the Viet Cong forces attack 7 major cities and 13 cities overall from the Delta to the DMZ. In Saigon a 19 men Viet Cong suicide squad was able to take over the U.S embassy and hold it for 6 hours. 1,000 Viet Cong troops were believed to have infiltrated Saigon. It took a week of 11,000 U.S and south Vietnamese troops to remove them from the city. This even leads to the longest and bloodiest battle, the battle of Huê. As I said before the battle of Huê was the
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