The Tethered Christmas Feather ( Christmas )

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The Tethered Christmas Feather
Not all miracles come in big packages. In fact some are the tiniest of all. Yet a miracle is a miracle no matter how small!
It all started one very busy afternoon, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season was making people act frantic and a bit rude. The usual fanfare of spending money, counting packages, forgetting gifts and in the endless swirl of presents for Christmas it seemed Christmas got lost.
I remember when I was a child Christmas was a special treat. It seemed as if the presents were an extra special thing.I loved it all– the presents, the family, the food and especially church. I was fascinated by the candlelight in the dark of night. I loved to sing, it made my heart happy. Yes and Santa was a great person who really cared if you were poor and that was me- poor! Yet, I think I was so much richer than most people because I could always feel the magical part of Christmas. When I would cuddle on my grandfather’s lap, I could feel his heartbeat, and I was safe and warm, he made my heart happy.Church was this special place where I could feel the warmth of the candles glow inside my heart.The decorations made me smile and giggle. My grandpa had a fake singing bird that made me laugh whenever I heard it sing. He used to play fun tricks on me to get me to smile. Yes Christmas was magic.
I was little but my heart was always so big. I cared if the animals were cold in the winter, I worried if the neighbor was sick. I wanted to feed the

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