The Tethered Generation By Kathryn Tyler

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In her article “The Tethered Generation” for HR Magazine in May 2007, freelance writer Kathryn Tyler asserts that due to the fact that millennials grew up with new technologies such as the cell phone and internet, many of the skills they need to integrate into the workforce is severely lacking. She goes on to support this argument by addressing millennial connectivity and helicopter parents. With Tyler’s background in human resources and training and her proclamation of being member of generation X, Tyler shares her observation that millennials entering the workforce are tethered to technology, which in turn effects their work, communication, and decision making skills in and out of the office. By supplying the reader with information about these transgressions, Tyler builds her claim that HR professionals should work harder to accommodate the millennials’ shortcomings. She appears to write in hopes of HR professionals understanding why Millennials have developed into the people that they are in order to provide HR professionals with a better understanding of them and to teach these professionals how to deal with their millennial employees. Tyler’s explicit argument, which effectively appeals to her audience’s perception of millennials, is supported by an appeal to ethos in which she employs statements from credible professionals to optimize her argument. This strategy of opting to sparingly use her own voice in the text poses a unique method of making her audience more
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