The Texas General Land Office

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The Texas General Land Office or TGLO, has many responsibilities throughout the state of Texas. Their main responsibility is to earn funds for the Permanent School Fund. The main way that they raise money for this goal is by leasing out the land that has been set aside for this purpose. The Texas General Land Office has around 700,000 acres for this purpose. This land is usually leased for the production of oil and gas, development of commercial property, agriculture and renewable energy projects. This fund was created to raise money for Texas schools and was created when Texas became a country in 1836.
The organizations other responsibilities include the preservation of the state’s history, the conservation of state resources, surveying the land within the state, providing veterans with land and housing, maintaining the Alamo and veteran cemeteries in the state. They also educate the public about environmental problems on the coast and how to prevent them. They also monitor the coast for any oil spills and are there to help clean them up when they do happen. The TGLO achieves this goal by being split into five different divisions. These are the history and archives division, the energy and minerals division, the state lands division, the caring for the coast division, and the veterans land board division. The history and archives division is responsible for maintaining the records and maps of the state throughout its history. They also maintain all the different land…
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