The Texas Revolution And The Alamo : A Fight For Freedom

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The Texas Revolution and the Alamo: A Fight for Freedom The Battle of the Alamo, a thirteen day siege at the Alamo Mission in the middle of San Antonio Texas. Although it resulted in a Mexican victory it was a crucial turning point in the Texas Revolution. The Texas Revolution did not occur because of cultural differences nor did the Battle of the Alamo, they were both caused by both the newly arrived Texans and the native Tejanos fighting for autonomy from the Mexican government. President General Antonio López de Santa Anna repealed the constitution of 1824 in favor of a more “centralist” government, because of this conversion to centralism the native people’s rights became increasingly limited. The Texans and Tejanos living along the border of Texas and the rest of Mexico were not supportive of Santa Anna’s new regime and began to revolt. However, it was not just the people of Texas pushing for independence, citizens of the United States were also providing a grand amount of support. The Siege of the Alamo was not a war based on cultural variations, both the native people and the newly arrived texans were fighting for their independence from the centralist Mexican government. San Antonio Valero, a mission known by most as the Alamo, a symbol of not only American Nationalism, but also the quintessence of bravery and sovereignty. The Alamo mission was a three acre compound in San Antonio Texas that had been converted into a military garrison, although not
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