The Texas Revolution : The Fight For Natural Rights

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The Texas Revolution: The Fight for Natural Rights Every event in history contains a cause and effect. Every cause and effect is unique in its own way. Whenever deciphering certain events in history it’s important that those researching, keep an open mind to all intertwining factors. The Texas Revolution is an important and crucial event within the history of the United States and having a full understanding of the Texas Revolution is of extreme importance to understanding Mexican-American relations. Issues to be researched in understanding the Texas Revolution will deal with political, lawful, and social relations between the Texas colonists and the Mexican Republic. Understanding the politics, laws, and social relations between the Texas colonist and the Mexican Republic provide a crucial in-look as to why the Texas colonist revolted against Santa Anna and his Mexican Republic. Leading up to the beginning, as well as throughout the Texas Revolution, there are significant and credible amounts of crucial events that take place that provide a supporting backbone in justifying the Texas colonists and their revolt. It is these inhumane events, supported by the doctrine of the Mexican Republic with their politics, laws, and social relations with the Texas colonist, which would ultimately lead to the justification of the Texas colonist and their fight for their natural rights and for the Texas Declaration of Independence. Following the Mexican War of Independence, when Mexico

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