The Texas Youth Commission

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TYC Introduction The state agency, the Texas Youth Commission (TYC) administers both directly and indirectly a number of custodial facilities, basically jails for those judged young offenders aged 10 to 21. Those not run directly by TYC are contracted out to firms such as GEO. However based on the Dallas Morning News series of articles both those run directly by the state agency and the contractors are operated very poorly. My research question is “how do decisions to refer children to TYC facilities and the state of their premises, staffing and operating practices contribute to the abuse of children there and consequently the failure to socialize and control these children in accordance with the norms of mainstream American society”. I will analyze the problem through the lens of sociological theories. While I believe Labeling Theory, Anomie-Strain Theory, Conflict Theory all help to explain contributing factors, I would argue that Social Learning Theory and Social Control Theory are the most salient in analyzing the failures of the TYC. I will argue that the TYC crises results from indiscriminate referral to the program and the corrupt and incompetent operation of it largely due to insufficient funding Theoretical Framework Most people would assume that one of the main purposes of a correction system is in fact to “correct”
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