The Text Of A Children’S Book Is Usually Organized Into

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The text of a children’s book is usually organized into simple sentences and short paragraphs. How is the text organized in the book that you have chosen to review? Explain whether this organization was sufficient for the story that this book is telling.
The text is in short sentences and the paragraph on each page only focuses on one concept at a time. The paragraph is usually on the bottom of the page, sometimes on both pages and sometimes only on one page while the rest of the page is entirely picture.

Children’s book authors often employ literary tools to help make the story more vivid in the readers’ minds. Commonly used literary tools are rhythm, alliteration, repetition, refrains, onomatopoeia, simile, personification, rhyme, and
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Another device used by the author is only stating part of a phrase and then continuing it onto the next page.
“The Waiting Place… next page “...for people just waiting.

Area B: Illustrations
Some picture books have an illustration on the front cover that presents the main conflict or point of the story. Identify two or more elements from the front cover of the book you are reviewing and explain how they relate to the story.
The front cover is extremely colorful, which a recurring theme in the rest of the book’s illustrations. It also has bright colors which are mostly reflected within the positive part of the book’s illustrations while the negative part of the story (in which the character is not succeeding) has mostly dark, gloomy colors.
The front cover also has the main character on it, standing on the top of what looks like a tower or mountain. Within the book, we also see the main character conquering tough challenges that seem like mountains.
What is the primary medium (collage, drawings, photographs, etc.) used in the illustrations?
The primary medium used in the illustrations are vivid and colorful drawings.
Identify the illustration that in your opinion is the most effective in developing the story as a whole. Explain how two or more elements in the illustration help support and develop the story.
The most effective illustration is one in which the main
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