The Textbook Defines Ecosystem Theory As How Social Workers

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The textbook defines ecosystem theory as how social workers look at a crisis in relation to the environmental context. (James & Gilliland 2013 p. 14) Some environmental effects of hurricane Katrina and the residents that were held in the Louisiana superdome are rather apparent. With only including the damage to the Superdome, the financial burden that fell on the city of New Orleans and its residents was one that would take years to recover from. This affected the community in a large way and continues to affect the city of New Orleans today. However, according to a Speech given by President Barack Obama, ten years after the disaster, the effects of Hurricane Katrina have actually improved the lives of many of the resident living in New…show more content…
In regards to the differing cultures that were affected by the hurricane, emergency responders need to be made aware of the beliefs of some regarding evacuation. It is possible that poor inner-city residents are often the least likely to follow official evacuation warnings, some because they lack transportation and others because they fail to take such warnings seriously. Religious faith also plays a part in cultural considerations during a crisis. Ones religious affiliation may cause them to place their safety with a higher being and not take the necessary precautions during an emergency. The negative association of early evacuation that accompanies some religious individuals, suggest that, emergency planning initiatives can be improved by assisting local civic and faith-based organizations in developing a coordinated, system of hazards education. (Elliot & Pias 2006).
Hurricane Katrina was a category five storm making it a federal emergency. (Nigg, Barnshaw & Torres 2016 p. 115) A magnitude of storm that the city of New Orleans was vastly unprepared for and that caused the loss of many lives and the destruction of an entire city. The superdome was just one of many infrastructures that was damaged during Hurricane Katrina. According to study done
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