The Textbook, Sociology

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The textbook “Sociology” has tons of information at its publisher website, which includes a different variety of resources that can help expand a student’s understanding of the book and review concepts as well. The website not only has information about the textbook, but has other types of reliable information from outside sources to help understand sociology on a different level. The resources that the website provided were useful, but the resources that I believe that will help me the most is the glossary, the exams, and career opportunities. The glossary has a list of all of the important terms in the textbook in alphabetical order and I can use this to see all the important terms that I will need to know. The midterm and final exam on the website serve as a preparation that can help me review and be readily prepared once the exams finally approaches. The last resource that I consider important is the career opportunities because not only does it provide information on job search, it also includes websites that offer internships. The website provided many helpful resources, but each chapter in the textbook has their own resources that can help explain the chapter more thoroughly. Chapter three “Culture” has plenty of resources that are beneficial to me and other students. In chapter three there is plenty of information that can be useful to many students, but two particular resources that caught my attention were using your sociological imagination and internet…
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