The Textile Industry : The World 's Economy And Daily Lifestyle

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The textile industry is a major entity in the world’s economy and daily lifestyle. Textiles are used in order to accentuate and warm the body. Heavier and more durable textiles are developed for the decoration and protection of furniture. There are approximately 7 billion people living in the world and all of them own at least one textile, whether it be a clothing item or a burlap sack. For thousands of years humanity has used textiles for practical and decorative uses. Inhabitants of northwestern India perfected the small-scale production of cotton fabrics; and indigenous Chinese people used silkworm rearing in order to create elegant silk outfits. During the early development of textile production, outfits and other merchandise were produced on a small-scale. Many individuals created goods in their homes, and this took a while to complete due to the amount of detailing needed for the products. This increased clothing prices and quality. After the industrial revolution, fabric production was moved from homes to factories; and clothing became cheaper in both price and quality. Apparel factories were one of the few jobs that women were allowed to have during the Victorian era. Due to the lack of jobs and desire for a better life, female employees were subjected to many types of abuse. The rapid increase of population and production negatively impacted the natural environment, due to unplanned development of urban areas and unregulated production standards. Fashion and

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