The Thai Warrior : The Thai Warrior

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Communities all around the world follow different doctrines based on believe, teachings and cultural backgrounds. There are multiple religions that most people decide to abide by one of these being Buddhism. Mainly known as a path of practice and spiritual development leading to insight. Buddhism encompasses a variety of different traditions, images and believes. During the movie Ong-Bak, The Thai Warrior distinctive characteristics of Buddhism are shown and demonstrated. The movie begins with a very physical and ruthless tree climbing competition. It consisted of a large group of man competing to climb to the top of the tree as they pushed, kicked and pulled each other down in order to achieve their goal and be the one to reach the top. It was obvious the clear that they were anxious and were very competitive against each other as this race was very meaningful. Many were willing to risk their lives and were badly hurt, as some of them will not get up afterwards. This competition was the first opening ritual for their festival of Ong-Bak. Celebrated only every 24 years in this small Thai village and which was of great importance to all its habitants. It consisted of different rituals, celebrations and worships in representation of a Buddha statue that contained a scar in its face. This village was fairly small and was located to the outsides of the city. As everyone was preparing for this festival, Don a criminal from Bangkok that worked for Komtuan, travelled to the
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