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312.39: The “Trich” That Makes Your Hair Disappear Jennifer Raikes, the president of Trichotillomania Learning Center, recalls that, “The rhythm of running my fingers over my eyebrows is soothing. One half of my mind is attuned to the texture of each hair, the tickle against my thumb.” Very soon, she would feel that “... this hair feels out of place; it’s too thick, too coarse. I need to get it out.” This is the urge that has been haunting her since her childhood. As she entered her adulthood, she learned that she is not the only one with trichotillomania, the impulse-control disorder that urges one to pull out his or her hairs. In fact, trichotillomania is plaguing the lives of one in every fifty Americans (Raikes 38). This disorder…show more content…
Lastly, Criterion D and Criterion E demand that the hair pulling cannot be associated with any other type of medical disorder or conditions (American Psychiatric Association, 251-252). Since the action of excessive hair pulling can be attributed to “delusion or hallucination” caused by psychological disorders like schizophrenia, physicians must test for the existence of other mental conditions before diagnosing a patient’s symptoms as trichotillomania. Diagnosing trichotillomania definitely requires caution and precision (Thackery and Harris, 998-1001). An early diagnosis of trichotillomania becomes important because trichotillomania can cause temporary and permanent damage to the human body. For example, uncontrolled hair pulling can lead to skin bleeding. In severe cases, infections can affect the bleeding areas, causing serious damage to the skin (Phillipson and Gibson). Patients may also swallow the hairs that are removed from the body, causing hair clusters to form inside the stomach. This condition, called trichophagia, can lead to stomach pain or even stomach bleeding (“Trichotillomania”). Other forms of damage caused by uncontrolled hair pulling may include “short and broken hairs,” damaged hair follicles, and increased existence of non-growing hairs. These are common harms of trichotillomania that may have the

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