The, The And, And Its Effects On The Captain By Leonardo Da Vinci

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“ … Collet has sensed an atypical intensity in his captain.” (pg. 71) In this context, I think atypical means different from the usual. Unusual and abnormal are both synonyms of atypical. These words increased my understanding that Collet knew that there was something not quite right about Captain Bezu Fache. “ … instinct telling him something was amiss.” (pg. 131) In this context, I can guess that amiss means wrong. Faulty and flawed are two synonyms for amiss. These words increased my understanding of the situation and why Grouard was slightly panicking. “Maybe Da Vinci’s plethora of tantalizing clues was nothing but an empty promise left behind to frustrate the curious and bring a smirk to the face of his knowing Mona Lisa.” (pg. 170) The word plethora could mean way of doing in this context. Excess and surplus are synonyms of plethora. These words helped me understand that Robert Langdon was stating that Leonardo Da Vinci hid many annoying clues in his paintings. “That secret is protected by an intricate system of compartmentalized knowledge, … ” (pg. 171) Compartmentalized in this context could mean not often shared or kept secret. Two synonyms for this word are categorize and label. These synonyms increased my understanding of the Priory of Sion members’ way of keeping the grail map a secret. “ … much lower than they had been on his first minute when everything was ablaze.” (pg. 173) In this context ablaze might mean on fire or busy. Brightly colored and lighted are
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