The, The And, And The Fashion System

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Question 1 Meaning exists in the culturally constituted world which is why the Volez, Voguez, Voyagez show was created, to put meaning into the LV brand and products, and then for those products to give meaning to individuals which will cause people to want to purchase the products. McCracken’s transfer of meaning is evident in this show in a number of ways that contribute to the advertising system and the fashion system. A large contributor is through the individuals who were involved with creating the show and coming up with all the unique ideas. The first notable individual is the theatrical creator, Robert Carson, who is well known for staging opera productions and museum exhibitions. These creations of his are for prestigious clients, it is also noted that operas and museums are considered to be high-culture activities. These creations have been showcased in prestigious museums such as La Scala and Musee dorsay. Another important individual who is responsible for bring together the beautiful VS show is Oliver Saillard was the fashion curator for the show, he is well known for around 100 exhibitions and his creation for the famous Jean Paul Gaultier Show at Montreal’s muse des Beaux Arts. The VS show is also held in the Grand Palais in Paris which is a worldwide known as a high class venue which has showcased the most prestigious shows in the world. Also Paris is known as high fashion city. The VS show is also has the visual displays such as the oversized mast and sail
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