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Chapter Six: Conclusion 6.1 Summary of the research The aims of the research were to explore the awareness professionals have of the adversities families may experience when loved one is incarcerated. In addition to this awareness the study went on to explore what options of support these professionals currently offer to prisoner 's families and their perceptions of the barriers to support services. The study firstly explored previous literature surrounding the adversities of prisoner 's families to identify which professionals would be most beneficial to meeting their needs. Through this approach, it was possible to hypothesise that education, welfare and social work would be strong focus areas for this research. Semi-structured interviews were utilised to explore the knowledge and viewpoints a sample of one home school liaison officer, a primary school head teacher, a looked after children 's social worker and a welfare rights officer. The data was analysed using interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) to identify codes and themes within the data. The analytical software NVIVO was used to organise the data. From this analysis it has been possible to conclude that all the professionals had a good awareness of the adversities prisoner 's families may experience and were able to draw upon their knowledge and experiences of ways in which they would work to support both the adults and children within the families. This exploration has also highlighted the important

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