The ' The Butter Thief ' Of Swami Ramsvarup And From The Textbook World Religions

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Being Selfless
American Guru is a reality show where two final contestants will go against each other to find the most divine. To determine the winner, we will have to take a close look into which important lessons each figure has to teach mainstream U.S. society. After much consideration, this year’s top two final contestants are Krishna and Rama. As a judge, I will pay attention to our course texts for Hinduism to determine who is more divine and has more important lesson to teach. For Krishna, I will pay attention to the short play of John Stratton Hawley ‘“The Butter Thief’ of Swami Ramsvarup” and from the textbook World Religions in Dialogue: A Comparative Theological Approach. For Rama, I will consider R.K. Narayan’s, The Ramayana: A
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So our winner of this show should be someone who can show the mainstream U.S. society the positives of dharma.
In The Ramayana, Rama follows his dharma of being a son and teaches selflessness when he obeys his parents to sacrifice the crown of the king and the decision of being exiled. Initially, Rama’s father Dasaratha wanted to crown Rama as the king of his kingdom (Narayan 34). After Rama’s stepmother, Kaikeyi, finds out she is angry that her husband chose Rama over her son Bharatha (Narayan 41). She decides to take advantage of Dasaratha and forces him to let Bharatha become the king and have Rama exiled to the forest for fourteen years (Narayan 43). This is when we can see the selflessness in Rama and how important his dharma is to him. When told of this decision, Rama felt no hesitation to obey his father and step-mother. In Narayan’s novel, Rama states, “‘I will carry out his wishes without question. Mother, be assured that I will not shirk. I have no interest in kingship, . . . and no aversion to a forest existence’” (45). Rama has no problem with not being crowned and getting exiled because that is what his parents want. Along with that, he has no problem going away from his family to live in a forest. As their son, his dharma is to respect his parents’ decision without any questioning. Rama teaches mainstream U.S. society to be more concerned with the needs and wishes of others, especially parents. Parents will
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