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After the Second World War, there was an increase of art markets. Museums became more professional and collectors stopped asserting themselves too personally. In the early - twentieth century, though some collection museums like the flick collection in New York maintained personal collections as they had originally been installed. Collection museums through their installations and objects display the beliefs, choices and values of their eras, and they turned into museums gradually. For the purpose of this essay, we are going to compare and contrast these two museums, the experience of viewing art in each setting and also highlight the advantages and disadvantages of both.
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The museum’s Collections of the art turn out to rely on the contributions of passionate individual collectors. Both the museums were founded for the purpose of encouraging and developing the study of fine arts and are open for the public, and situated in the United States.(Walter 3)
Viewing art in Frick Museum is fascinating since it serves as a monument to an individual founder and memorizes the founder’s personal taste of art.The collection displays the beliefs, choices and values of an era. The advantage of this is that the collectors idealized the time of art history, thereby creating museums to represent them after their death. It offers special opportunities for self representation as reconciles the supposedly opposite values of private and public. They sort to retain control over their creations. The museum allows an exceptional visual understanding of a crucial aspect of the history of art. (Walter 3)The disadvantage in viewing art from Metropolitan museum is that the art, themuseum can get overly overcrowded since it is the largest museum in the United States
The metropolitan museum of art is a home to the painting by Édouard Manet,TheDead Christ with the Angels and was exhibited in the Salon of 1864.The painting was created in 1864, and had a religious subject matter, and measured 5 ft 10 5/8 inches x 4 ft 11 inches. The painting is a veritable symphony of browns and grays.Its function was to depict a contemporary realistic showing the two angels
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