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After the Second World War, there was an increase of art markets. Museums became more professional and collectors stopped asserting themselves too personally. In the early - twentieth century, though some collection museums like the flick collection in New York maintained personal collections as they had originally been installed. Collection museums through their installations and objects display the beliefs, choices and values of their eras, and they turned into museums gradually. For the purpose of this essay, we are going to compare and contrast these two museums, the experience of viewing art in each setting and also highlight the advantages and disadvantages of both. The essay will also describe the Édouard Manet’s, The Dead Christ with Angels, and howit was installed in the Metropolitan Museum.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art located in New York is agiant, three-dimension archive,and the largest art museum in the United States, whichwas founded on April 13, 1870 for the purpose to collect, preserve, exhibit, study and stimulate appreciation for, to develop and encourage the study of fine arts, and advance the knowledge of works of art that represent generally the broadest spectrum of human achievements. On the other hand,the Frick museum was founded by Henry Clay Flick which is a small museum, and often referred to as Frick collection since the activity of accumulating and the totality of the objects and…

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