The, The Gender Knot, By Allan G. Johnson

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The biological sex of a person, in most cases, today can still be considered one of the main identifying characteristics of an individual. In the past the sex of a person was more than an identifying characteristic, it was who they were. They were either men or women, there was no in between or changing it. Society today has come a long way in terms of gender identity and gender roles, but the concept of patriarchy still has the upper hand when it all boils down. Allan G. Johnson’s, The Gender Knot, provides for a more diverse outlook on the women’s expected roles in life, how they are expected to handle difficult situations in marriage, and how they demonstrate courage, in Mona Lisa Smile. For years the expected roles of women have been confined to such things as, housekeeping, cooking, and child care, in the majority of the cultures around the world. The expected roles of the women in, Mona Lisa Smile, are also confined to limits such as those. In this movie the women are expected to attend college and make excellent grades, all while trying to find a husband. They are to graduate from Wellesley College, but going on to further attend a graduate school is unthinkable. These women all possess the same goal, which is, to get married and then they think no further than having children. They are expected to stay at home and take care of the house and the children, while their husband is out working to provide for the family. They are above all else supposed to respect their
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