The, The Gospel And Personal Reflection, And How The Holy Spirt Has Changed My Life

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This project will break down the McGraw-Hill Connect assessment and how the overall outcome relates to the areas of working with others, things about myself, and my life within my organization. After providing a brief overview of the listed areas, I will list how the things I have learned about myself have played out in my life through a general experience and an a more detailed particular example. I later explore the article,” The Gospel and Personal Reflection” and how the Holy Spirt has transformed my life to strengthen my weakness for the better. Throughout the entire project biblical scriptures will be provided to reinforce the researched information gathered in all areas. Self-reflection, spiritual discernment, and…show more content…
As an accountant, I communicate with several outside agencies to properly reconcile many accounts. My ability to find an underling agreeable stance to a financial issue, while still maintaining my values and ethics, is highly important to my success and the success of my employer. Other factors assessed included my motivational insight and decision making and problem solving abilities. My assessment score of 44 on a 36-47 scale, yielded me the description of moderate thinking and problem solving abilities. For employers, critical thinking and problem solving skills are invaluable and now have become more sought after than hard skills. (Kinicki, & Fugate,2012, pg.6) The bible explains how many of our skills and talents should be best used. In 1 Peter the Lord explains, “As each received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” (1 Peter 4:10, English Standard Version) Part II: Working With Others From childhood all the way to adulthood we are told to play or work well with others, be considerate of others feelings, and treat people how we would like to be treated. Regardless of my approach, maintaining strong communication, leadership and conflict solution skills are critical to my success in a relationship whether personal or professional. Some of the things I learn from the assessment regarding my skills are that I have a medium communication competence, a moderate readiness level of leadership,

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