The, The Mad Dog, By Harper Lee

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In this world, there are many different variations of the meaning of courage. In Harper Lee’s novel, “To Kill A Mockingbird,” true courage is defined in a person who fights for his or her beliefs even with the chance of losing the fight. The scene of Tim Johnson, the “mad dog” (Lee 93),is portrayed in the movie and is a foundation for the many lessons in life that Jem and Scout will soon learn in the future., such as what true bravery is. During the display of courage, the children experiences scene of prejudice as well. With each new lesson and experience, Jem and Scout take a closer step to adulthood. The event of Tim Johnson is one of the factors that contributes to the coming of age of Jem and Scout as the two children witness acts of prejudice and true bravery.
As “To Kill A Mockingbird” progressed from this scene, Jem begins to form his own opinion on what true courage is. Jem, who had witnessed Atticus kill Tim Johnson with a gun, had the impression that physical power is the basis of courageous acts. When Jem had broke out in rage after Mrs. Dubose had insulted Atticus for defending Tom Robinson, he vandalized her garden when she was not present on her porch. Atticus made Jem apologize and made him go to Mrs. Dubose’s house “every afternoon after school and Saturdays to read to her out loud for two hours (Lee 105)” as punishment. Atticus knew that Mrs. Dubose’s struggle would help Jem understand the true meaning of the word “bravery.” Atticus “wanted [Jem] to see
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