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The Meat If you 've gone down the route of being the middle child i know it was a challenge, trust me. The middle child, like the meat in your favorite sandwich, appears to be overwhelmed and lost because of the bread. Until, of course, you take that first bite. You see, my story started before I was even conceived. My oldest sister, being the firstborn, automatically had the spotlight. She is four years my elder. Nequai had a life threatening battle with cancer which resulted in the loss of her left eye at the age of four. It was devastating but she never felt different. She has a very bubbly personality that is warm and inviting. Needless to say, the spotlight was all hers and I dared not to change that. When I was born, our…show more content…
I was not really surprised when I made the team. I was immediatley known as Nequai’s little sister and was ready to prove myself. My admiration for my sister and love for cheerleading turned into a friendly competition of who would be better. My adoration of cheerleading just fueled my drive to do better. One day our cheerleading coach requested a gymnastics instructor to help with our choreography. It wasn 't until then that I realize my confidence level take off. You see, the instructor had us attempt moves such as back flips that my sister or most of the girls on the team could not do. I, on the other hand, nailed it. I became a specialist on the team, being used as an example and a model of what skilled cheerleader looked like. This led to unending confidence. I was finally out of the shadow. I actually had my own following. I started noticing confidence in other areas as well. My newfound empowerment led me to becoming captain of my high school cheerleading team. It helped me to stand up and be counted as oppose to shrinking back and not being noticed. To find out the true Essence (pun intended) of who I am. Through all my success in school, the teachers and students still looked and referred to me as Nequai 's little sister. She had already blazed a trail that I found myself in the shadows of. She was a beloved cheerleader. I became a mostly unrecognized cheerleader. At home it was all about my little sister. Everyone was there for her and ready to coddle her
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