The, The Melting Pot, And The World

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Culture is described as the set of beliefs, customs, ways of thinking and behaving that exists in a particular society. Meanwhile, the act of having a sense of reality can be described as knowing the world or the state of things as they exist. Reality has a flimsy definition because one’s own reality could be different compared to another. However, a person’s culture will affect how they think and thus manipulate their perception of reality. Common examples of this are: route of upbringing, political views, holistic medicinal approaches and most importantly, religion. The United States of America has many different cultures present throughout the entire nation. That is why it is commonly referred to as “the melting pot” of the world. This being said, people raised in different parts of the United States will be apart of different cultures and thus different senses of reality. Someone raised in the South will have a different culture than someone raised in the North. While this doesn 't completely alter their sense of reality, it does affect it. Even two neighbors will have different senses of reality because in general, upbringing affects reality. Being optimistic will create opportunities and also impact how to live your life on a day to day basis (Creagan). In indian culture, “a symptom of being lonely likely reflects a sense of social marginalization,” (Watters 518). The sense of reality Indians posses and what they feel as the truth of being lonely is impacted by
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