The, The Most Deadly Disease Of Mankind : Cancer

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Oncologist treats the most deadly disease to mankind: cancer. It is not 100% curable. Oncologists take risks by treating and taking care of patients with cancer. Oncology is a great career because a person can make a lot of money, saves many lives, and it is a goal for some people to achieve. Cancer starts when something goes wrong with a person cells; either they die or they start to grow wrong. This forms a tumor. ("How Cancer Starts.") Cancer was first known about sometime 2650 to 1950 B.C. (Wagener.) on a papyri (a material prepared in ancient Egypt from the pithy stem of a water plant, used in sheets throughout the ancient Mediterranean world for writing or painting on and also for making rope, sandals, and boats.)…show more content…
(Wagener) They started to better themselves by the 18th century, when medical research was more popular. (Wagener.) They started to use microscopes, which helped identify the new cancer tissue. Jean Godithot built the first cancer hospital in Rheims. (Wagener.) "The oldest therapy for cancer is surgery." (Wagener) "The first successful pneumonectomy for lung cancer happens in the United States in 1933". (Wagener) The technology for cancer treatment grew rapidly after World War I. (Wagener.) Cancer tissues are not different from other tissues. (Wagener.) Cancer tissues come from a dead or unusual cell that goes into a normal tissue. (Wagener.) An oncologist is a very important job and has several important jobs especially helping people emotionally. (Moryl.) When dealing with patients doctors have to be prepared and usually go through some kind of training, to explain to their patients their outcome. (Moryl.) Oncologist have to explain what type of disease they have, what is the percentage of them living or not, and if the can cure the disease or not. (Moryl.) The oncologist has to say these things in the least possible hurtful way and under the circumstances of their patients. (Moryl.) The doctors actually have to try their best in the end of their patients’ death. (Moryl.) Until there is no more chances, opportunities, or hope. That is why it have varies of oncologist psychosocial to specialize in
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