The, The Most Popular Vegetable Of The Whole World

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Cauliflower is the most popular vegetable in the whole is a great green vegetable which is very good for our is a term of cultivated also belong with the brassica family. Firstly cauliflower is a Latin word. Which meaning a great flower because, in the beginning it is belong Italy because Italy produce a large number of cauliflower production on that is very familiar with the cabbage because it also belong to the brassica family. Therefore, both have a lot of similarities in their growing conditions. Firstly, same environment habits, same growing habits. Because both are the winter vegetables so normally mostly both demand cool whether for growing better growing. Furthermore, cauliflower a good vege for our health. In many countries of the world specially in the European market it tying for the first-place cauliflower for vegetable consumed most frequently. Moreover, many countries like china, India, New Zealand, Italy increase their vegetables production. Because world demand every time green vegetables .consumption of cauliflower is increasing day by day. Because it great source of the vitamins and proteins also. It is a deserves a regular rotation in your today time
Health problems of cauliflower Bacterial soft rot BACTERIUM
Erwinia caratovora
Bacterial delicate decay of cauliflower

Side effects

Water-drenched sores on leaves and blossom heads which extend to shape an expansive decayed mass; surface of injuries normally

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