The, The Neighbor Behind Us Practices Scream Therapy

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The neighbor behind us practices scream therapy in his shower almost every morning. I thought it was weird; he was only 17 and scream therapy is usually when you reenact a particularly disturbing past experience occurring early in life. Presumably, I figured he might have been six or seven when this horrendous event happened, but by the sound of it, this, this was much bigger than dropped cookies and lost dinosaurs. These screams; they sound as if he has still been living in his own misery. Louis did not come to school on Monday, or Tuesday for that matter. I didn’t even hear his screams on those two mornings; I figured he was done with it, but just my luck. On Wednesday, the 8th, Louis practiced his therapy right on schedule, 7:02 A.M. Being the person I am, I knew it wasn’t a coincidence. I needed answers, but it would be weird to just ask him right? I started pacing and strategizing ways for the topic to come up. Would I actually have to become friends with him? Would he actually have to become friends with me? Louis missed French that morning. He never missed French. It was his favorite subject; I mean, why wouldn’t it be? He 's from France; the dudes got the highest grade in the class. He never missed a moment to correct our mistakes, he was kind of a social pariah. Half of the time nobody could even understand what he was saying, he always mumbled French stuff under his breath. I did not see him in math either. I wonder why he was missing all of his favorite

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