The ' The Penguin Movement '

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The Penguin Movement" They were tired with neoliberalism public education and specifically demanded the abolition of the Organic Constitutional Law on Teaching (LOCE), completion of the municipalization of subsidized education, a reform policy full time of the school day (JEC) and quality education for all (Frasca, 5). ESWL was issued on the last day of the Pinochet dictatorship. State participation in education declined. The state now only acts as a protective partner of regulatory and education, while the real responsibility for education has been transferred to private and public companies. This reduces the participation of students, parents, teachers and other employees in the academic world. More than a million students protested and demanded the government to equal education. The revolution began on April 24, 2006 originally because bus fares and tickets were too expensive university (Frasca, 5-6). The forms of demonstrations were marches in the streets and acquisitions schools. The conflict became more intense when President Bachelet made a speech to the nation and did not include education reform. This action was a great agitator for students. On May 30, students in Chile went on nationwide strike (the first strike movement). The protests reached their peak at this time when 790,000 students adhered to strikes and marches throughout the country. This was the biggest student demonstration in Chile for the past three decades. It was also the first political crisis of
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