The, The Stranger, By M S. R. M. S Essay

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M’s friends had modeled and spoken of their faith through word as well as through deed. Their actions had been consistent and genuine. Christ was honored and unconditional love flowed abundantly. M’s decision to choose a life as a Christ- follower was made as a result of acceptance, support and a loving community. She now has a vital place of belonging in order to be able to grow and flourish. I agree strongly with a quote from Marilyn Lacey, “In the scriptures the stranger is not simply someone who needs our hospitality, the stranger is one who actually brings us blessings. If we have eyes to see, the roles of giver and receiver reverse and the stranger reveals the divine presence to us.” I feel incredibly fortunate, and count myself as the receiver of many blessings within my community. I sometimes picture prayer flags blowing grace into the wind facing my direction. I truly believe that the support I have been given has enabled me to continue to pass on compassion and kindness to others. It has confirmed and affirmed my chosen expression of faith. I am a Christian embracing more liberal and all-encompassing views than some. Safety and non-judgment for me, allow the freedom to discern, grow and include. During the study process for this paper, I remember telling one of my Christian friends over the phone that I wouldn’t be able to speak too long, as my weekend had been busy visiting both the Sikh Temple and a LGBTQI church in Northcote, Melbourne. My beloved
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