The Theater Of The Absurd

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The Theater Of The Absurd is popular movement of dramas that started in the European countries. The time span of these films were from the 1940s to around 1989. Albert Camus was the one who contrived the philosophy of the absurd. In the philosophy he discusses the man 's meaning of life and how each man can have their own perspective on life. Albert Camus is a French-Algerian philosopher who published The Myth of Sisyphus in the early 1940’s. In this story, Sisyphus chains deaths in order to avoid anyone in the town from facing it. Despite the seemingly successful plan, death still finds a way to be liberated and Sisyphus, himself, must face death. He constructs a way to escape the underworld. But when he is discovered by the Gods he is…show more content…
They had to keep this theme for all acts under the Theater of the Absurd for a specific reason. There was was a sense of mystery and unknown fate in these plays. The mystery came from not knowing what the future entaintales for these characters. Many of the characters in the play were viewed in the play chasing a certain person place or thing they were unsure of. Also they could be seen looking for someone with no real reason other than getting to that person. In Waiting for Godot they were looking for a person by the name of Godot, But didn’t know who this person was, what he look like, or even where to find him. The plot would very often be unknown. Characters in the play would often be a Victim to what 's unknown. They became victims to their unknown direction and purpose in life. This would happen to these characters mostly because they were faced with forces they can not control. When faced with events that are out of their control, Characters begin to question themselves. Idea such as purpose, morals, solutions, religion, existence of god, meaning of life and death become prominent questions. Any man who is forced to chase an unknown person and object with no direction towards or even an idea of what it is will begin question their purpose. Man quest for meaning is a pointless quest and quite confusing. Every person is put on this earth to figure out what he must do for

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