The Thematic Elements Of William Shakespeare 's Hamlet

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Nobility or shame
The thematic elements found throughout many of William Shakespeare’s plays are numerous. Such themes further develop the plot of the story and help explain a universal purpose the story has. Imagination seeps through every crevice in the reader’s mind as to what a theme can be alluding to. Throughout many of Shakespeare’s written works, it can be noted that death, in particular suicide, is a relevant and ongoing theme that Shakespeare gives way to. A prime example is that of the well-known tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare does not stop at the tragedy of the star crossed lovers, but further goes on to write several more tragedies that deal with suicide such as: Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Othello, and Hamlet. The
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During the rise of the Renaissance era, the motto “death before dishonor” was implanted in many courtly ideals. Many chose to die than to have dishonor upon their name. It would be a burden that they would live with for the rest of their lives if their name was put to shame. Suicide was given the bad shoulder during this time, but many writers shined a light on it that further enhanced a work of literature.
Shakespeare was one of the many writers that shined a light within the theme of suicide. Suicide in his works further enhanced the development of the story. This is because suicide is a recurring theme that gives way to understand the cultural impact that comes with being a mortal. Shakespeare opens the window to this developing theme that is shunned upon by society. In order to understand why suicide is a key theme that further develops a story, one has to understand the social repercussions that suicide holds during that time. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet it can be noted that even though Hamlet did not go through with contemplated suicide, he still thought about whether he should go through the difficulties of life and keep on suffering. For instance, Shakespeare writes “and by opposing end them” (page.127, line 68). By opposing the Christian moral views, he knows and values, Hamlet knows that suicide will end all his troubles and he will be at peace. Hamlet decides not to partake in such action. This further
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