The Theme Of Being Rich And Lonely

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Being Rich and lonely is a sad thing. In the book the singing bird a wealth man bought a singing bird that everyone loves to hear. This man became obsessed with this bird because he was very lonely. He would threaten his neighbors and the poor because the bird was so precious to him. Then the wealthy man died an all of his friends fought for his riches. The bird moved into the servant's house because the greedy friends felt it had no value in the market. In the book a wealthy man being lonely to me that is sad. Because I rather have someone rather than bills which cannot speak. This bird was this wealthy man only companion it was the one thing that made him get up in the morning. He cared for this bird like if it was his only child. This bird…show more content…
They only wanted the most valuable things within his home. For me this scene was the most upsetting because he only had friends that only wanted his money and did not care for the wealthy man. The Greedy friends decided not to take the bird because there is no wealth in the market. I feel these people should reconsider that they should appreciate the man not his wealth. The bird was taken to the servant's home, which it was taken care off. Which the cage broke and the bird became free. This scene where the bird became free reminds me of countries trying to make themselves independent from another. When the silver cage broke, they became free this could be a meaning of a revolution which lead the citizen to become free. In Conclusion, being wealthy and lonely is bad, but having a companion is good. In the book a singing bird a wealthy man had a bird that sings to him. He did not have many friends and he was lonely. The bird would sing to the wealthy man and he was happy. Then the wealth man had died and his Greedy friends took all his wealth. The bird went to live at the servant's house, then an accident happens. The bird became free and flew out of the house and began to sing. The bird felt so free that it spread its wings and sung loud getting ready for
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