The Theme Of Compassion & Mercy

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THE THEME OF COMPASSION & MERCY IN THE GOSPEL OF LUKE BY LYNETTE IDIO Achievement Standard 91724 The Greek word, eleos, best translates into “mercy and compassion”. It is significant that eleos appears six times in Gospel of Luke, also known as, the “Gospel of Mercy”. Compassion is a powerful awareness of concern for other’s suffering and feeling sympathy. While mercy is the exercised virtue of forgiving, founded on compassion. Simply, mercy is putting the emotional connection of sympathy or pity of others into action. These Catholic virtues are especially highlighted within the Catholic Church’s current teaching amid our 2016 Jubilee Year of Mercy (8th December 2015 to 20th November 2016). Pope Francis calls Catholic all over the world to bring Jesus’ mission here on Earth. “to bring a word and gesture of consolation to the poor, to proclaim liberty to those bound by new forms of slavery in modern society, to restore sight to those who can see no more because they are caught in themselves, to restore dignity to all those from whom it has been robbed.” (n.16) The Gospel of Luke thoroughly illustrates the themes of mercy and compassion in his use of literary devices such as symbols, stories and parables. Luke urges how significant it is to feel and deliver the ready willingness to help anyone in need in our society. The Gospel offers a model to live out these virtues through Jesus’ actions and his parables.

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