The Theme Of Death In Othello and A Doll's House Essay example

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The theme of death is present in many works of literature. It is given metaphors and cloaked with different meanings, yet it always represents an end. Every end signifies a new beginning, and every death gives rise to a new birth. Physical death “ mere transformation, not destruction,” writes Ding Ming-Dao. “What dies is merely the identity, the identification of a collection of parts that we called a person. What dies is only our human meaning” (49). Figuratively speaking, death symbolizes a change, an interruption or cessation of regular routine. In this sense, death can be viewed as a more positive occurrence, because change leads to new experience, which, in turn, leads to knowledge and a better…show more content…
Thus, when confronted with a mental battle, his logical defense isn’t strong enough. Othello loses because sentiment beats his rationality.
The final scene in Othello is loaded with deaths. Every character that died in the play was a victim of Iago’s fraudulent plot. Iago slew Roderigo and Emilia to maintain the frame around his scheme. He killed to keep them silent, thinking that he could still retain his cover. Iago was foul, because he did harm to others only to satisfy his own appetite. His plot ended in the most unfortunate way, and it’s end didn’t justify the means, because he got caught.
Othello slew Desdemona for honor and justice. Although he was wrong, his action can be somewhat justified, as his purpose was understandable. Othello was already dead inside before he committed suicide. The difference in his character before and after the temptation scene is remarkable. Iago literally tore Othello apart and rebuilt him, instilling in him a whole new set of facts and ideas. Othello killed himself when he realized the truth, because his old self was already gone, not to mention the love of his life. His suicide followed the instant that he stepped out of delusion, and his death was an awakening,

because it shattered the misconception of truth. Othello’s death concluded the play, clearing up every lie that Iago had woven.
The theme of death in Henrik Ibsen’s A
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