The Theme Of Education In The Film 'Waiting For Superman'

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In the American public school system students are failing and society is doing nothing but taking a blind eye to the injustice. In the film, Waiting For Superman, director, Davis Guggenheim, investigates the various ways these schools are producing failing students in the United States. By following the stories of five children throughout the documentary we, the viewers, begin to take notice of the corrupt public school system as the children experience the inequalities of a low income school first hand. Guggenheim uses audio and pop-up animations to effectively argue his claim and motivate the audience to change the way public schools are being operated. The audio in this film plays a huge role in how the audience perceives the information they are obtaining. Whether it is a lack of sound, or an upbeat song it creates an atmosphere or tone for that segment of the movie. Throughout the film aside from the statistics and the lives of the children being shown, Guggenheim incorporates clips from old tv shows, presidential speeches and more. When these clips are being viewed an energetic and quick song is being played. The information presented in these clips happens to be statements about how the president's believe they want to be “the education president” or the clips express happy faces of children learning and smiling teachers. Guggenheim presents the fact that “up until the 1970’s, American public schools were the best in the world” while children are doing experiments

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