The Theme Of Friendship In Le Petit Prince

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Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s Fantasy story, “Le Petit Prince,” takes place in five different settings: The asteroid that he lives on, asteroid B-612, the Sahara desert, an unknown city, a field where its location is unknown, and the other asteroids that the Little Prince explores in the cosmos of space. In all of these settings the author introduces characters that deliver metaphorical life lessons to the reader. The author didn’t write this book to deliver a story, he wrote this book to deliver different life lessons and themes that the reader is supposed to learn from. In this book the theme of friendship is found consistently throughout the book. This is the theme statement that I had pulled out from the theme of friendship: Friendships help you succeed, and they can help you learn different life lessons, this is why you need to enjoy friendships to their full potential for what they can offer because, they don’t last life times.
In the beginning of the book there is a big theme of how friendships help you to succeed. The Rose and the Little Prince are both great friends. And even though the rose is a flower that doesn’t understand human cultures and society, the little prince still shows affection for the flower. The Little Prince treats the rose like a person, talking to it, and making sure that it’s in good shape. This is a friendship, because of how the main character and author personifies this rose. The rose and Little Prince relate to this theme because, the rose is

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